Haber 10 Aralık 2015 02:28

EsteGuide web page has just been published!

EsteGuide is one of the leading medical consultant agencies in Turkey. Our target is to lead foreign patients who are coming to Turkey to do aesthetical treatments . Since Turkey and especially Istanbul is loaded of aesthetical centers and hospital, we have done our researches on behalf of you, and chose the best hospitals in every domain. You can rest assured that you have chosen the best hospitals at the most reasonable cost. Our medical consultants will assist you throughout all the procedures from your online consultation until your aftercare. Our staff is well trained and experienced in this domain for many years, we will ensure you the fastest online consultation possible, organize to you all your trip from accommodation to transfers and even with some tourism if you are up to it. Our medical consultants will follow up with you step by step until they ensure that you are satisfied with your treatment.

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